Watch What You Eat

Canine diets are generally well controlled if you are strict about feeding your dog only dry dog food, wet food or follow a proper raw food diet. Sometimes though, dogs get a hold of “people food”  ... Read more

5 Reasons to Use a Professional Dog Walker

Dog walker playing with dog
Why use a professional dog walker in Winchester? Dog owners often recognize that bringing a dog home means finding a veterinarian for vaccinations, checkups and emergency medical help. While a veterinarian is a given, there i ... read more

New Facebook Header

Winchester dog walkers
New Facebook Video Header I see that Facebook have started to allow their fan pages to use video as headers! This is great for us as we have tons of video of dogs having fun on their dog walks with us.  You can check out ... read more

5 Must Have Toys For Your Dog

Dog Toys
5 Must Have Toys For Your Dog When a dog is happy it also brings joy to the owner, which makes getting the right toy for your favorite dog a meaningful assignment. It is believed that the right toy can amuse, comfort, and eve ... read more

Decisions decisions…

Mungo making a decision
…when one mouth just isn’t enough Mungo faced a very difficult decision this week whilst out with our Winchester dog walkers. The ball or the stick…the stick or the ball – it’s a tough decision f ... read more

November Walking

Frost Dog Fun in Winchester! It’s been a mixed bag of weather this week, nevertheless, our walkers have been out in force loving the countryside and enjoying the dogs we walk. The dogs themselves couldn’t care les ... read more

Dog Walkers Video

Winchester dog walkers video
This weeks pups having a great time! Another week  has flown by, and we’ve been having a lot of fun in the wind and the rain. Winchester is beautiful at this time of year with all the fallen leaves around and about. T ... read more

Weekly Gallery

Two dogs walking with Moogles
Winchester Walkies Pics It’s Saturday!! Our walkers have been busy this week taking your precious pooches out to visit the sights and smells of the beautiful Winchester countryside. They were largely uninterested in the ... read more

What does your dog want for Christmas?

John Lewis Christmas Advert You know that Christmas is just round the corner when the Christmas adverts start flowing out. This year John Lewis have excelled with their Buster the Boxer Dog video. We begin with a little girl ... read more

New Gallery!

Dog Walking
Dog Walking Pics We have had a lovely week walking your precious pooches. As always we have been busy taken pictures of the fun and excitement that makes up a walk – we have shared these below:- If would like to give yo ... read more

Dog Walkers In Winchester

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