5 Top Tips for Dog Walkers

Golden Rules for Dog Walkers As professional dog walkers in Winchester, Moogles are acutely aware that we need to live by a set of ethical standards that ensure the safety of our dogs, and that other  ... Read more

Friday Fotos!

Photo’s from the last few dog walks It’s been quite a week for our dog walkers weather-wise. We’ve been out braving torrential rain and basking in the beautiful sunshine this week – luckily we love wea ... read more

Little and Large Playing Like Puppies!

Ruddles & Cloudier
Dog Walkers Video: It’s all about the fun! We had the privilege of taking Ruddles and Cloudier for a Winchester walkies this week. We know that every time these mad dogs get together it’s going to be an hour of pl ... read more

A Mid Week Gallery

Dog Blog A blog in pictures We love taking this lot out to experience the beautiful Winchester countryside with its sights and smells. From the initial excitement when they get out of the van, the excited play & interact ... read more

Dog Cafe in New Delhi!!

Dogs Welcome at Puppychino!   Our dog walkers are all doggy people and as such, we’re always looking for great doggy-friendly places to hang out. This is why we are so excited to hear about Puppychino in New Delhi ... read more

Kennel Cough: Know the signs

Kennel Cough As dog walkers, we always make it our responsibility to keep an eye on our dogs and report back any changes in behaviour or signs of illness that we see. Kennel cough is a particular issue for us as it is highly ... read more

When Basil Met Flossy…

Dog Walkers Video
A Match Made In Dog Walking Heaven At Moogles, our dog walkers go to great lengths in ensuring that each walk is tailored to ensure an optimum dog walking experience. This involves getting to know the dogs and placing them wi ... read more

A Bumper Gallery!

A Winchester Dog Walkers Gallery A dog walkers life in Winchester just couldn’t get any better! Fresh air, beautiful countryside and great company. We have put together a few of our favorite images from recent walks to ... read more

Doggy Days Out!

Dog Beach - Winchester Outings
Dog Friendly Places To Go We have started a search for dog-friendly venues in and around Winchester. Over the next few months we are looking at beaches, restaurants, cafe’s, pubs and more where your dogs are as welcome ... read more

Raging hormones and Rampant Dogs

Moogles Dog Walkers
Walking a Bitch In Season If you are the proud owner of a female canine then you maybe fully aware of the fun and games that come along with owning a bitch in season. As Winchester dog walkers we come across this challenge ... read more

Dog Walkers In Winchester

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