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Never Lose Your Dog Again!

Smart technology appears to be coming on leaps and bounds, revolutionising dog ownership, not only for our Winchester dog walkers but for dog owners everywhere! Smartphone technology is being applied to dog collars leading to some very exciting developments.


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For some time we’ve been aware of various GPS tracking devices for dogs, however, there have been many limitations and considerable costs involved. We’re noticing, however, that dog technology is moving forward at a rapid rate. More features and much more competition which usually signals a reduction in prices.

For example, when we were looking at tracking tags previously, they were coming in at over £150 with a £15 per month, even then the range and reliability wasn’t amazing. We have recently performed the same search and found the Tractive GPS Hunters Edition GPS tracker for around £115 for two tags with a monthly fee that starts at on £3.33. Tractive uses cell towers but doesn’t require a sim card at all. You simply track your dog via your phone (iPhone, Android or Windows phone).

But That’s Not All

Great stuff huh? But wait!! What’s that on the horizon? Oh, it’s a fully functional Smart Collar! These are emerging in the US which means it won’t be too long before they’re over here. What kind of things can a smart collar do?

Kyon Tracker

For a (not insubstantial) sum of $249 plus $4.99 per month you could get yourself a Kyon Tracker. This impressive bit of kit comes in the form of a collar and offers the following features:-

As if this isn’t enough, the collar can emit a high-frequency sound upon command which Kyon claim will pacify your dog in the event of a dog fight. It also has a water detector and will let you know if the collar comes into contact with water. It also has an LED display that will show contact details if the pet wanders away from a specified area. Check out their promotional video below:-

This particular dog collar doesn’t appear to be available in the UK, but they say in the video that it is available in 120 countries worldwide so the emergence of this technology (and other products like it) should be available in the UK very soon.

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