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Dog walker playing with dog

Claire and Amanda playing with friends

Why use a professional dog walker in Winchester?

Dog owners often recognize that bringing a dog home means finding a veterinarian for vaccinations, checkups and emergency medical help. While a veterinarian is a given, there is also another important pet professional dog owners need to bring into their life – a professional dog walker!

Exercise & Mental Stimulation

Dogs need physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. If you are unable to get your dog out for their daily walks because you have to work late or you fall ill, it is important to have someone readily available to step in and meet this very important need for your dog. Dog walking provides the obvious exercise, but more importantly, walks provide the brain with smells, sights and experiences that are outside of the normal home routine.

Improve Manners

Professional dog walkers are a great way to reinforce or improve a dog’s repertoire of good behaviour. A Moogles dog walker will use what the dog already knows to have a successful walk, and will often teach dogs new manners! This helps a dog to learn that good behaviour is appropriate for humans other than just Mum and Dad and, perhaps more importantly, in its encounters with other dogs.


Hiring a professional dog walker can mean connecting to a network of pet professionals beyond just walking needs. Not sure where to find a groomer? Need a vet recommendation? Having behaviour issues at home? The dog walker probably has a good recommendation (we certainly do). 


While it may seem easiest to ask a neighbor to jump in here and there or hire one of the kids in the neighborhood, hiring a professional dog walker means you can plan on the Walker showing up when and how often you need them (In more than 2 years of walking dogs, Moogles has never cancelled a walk!). Professional dog walkers make it their business to be on time and reliable. Professional dog walkers are also more prepared to deal with unexpected dog emergencies like a dog taking itself off for an unscheduled deer hunt or an injury.


The benefit of having a consistent person providing a specific service for your dog can be far reaching. Better dog health and less behavioural issues are just a few of these benefits!

Almost without exception, we notice a behavioural improvement in the dogs we walk, either in terms of its behaviour toward other dogs, it’s reaction to strange sights (bikes, pushchairs etc.) or how it interacts with humans.

If you are interested in hiring a dog walker in Winchester and want to talk to experienced professionals who will treat your dog as though it was their own, please feel free to get in touch now! We’re waiting to hear from you.

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